Yoga Classes

Ashtanga Yoga is an intensive Hatha Yoga practice with a focus on strength, stamina and flexibility. The traditional system, as taught by Sri K. Patthabi Jois, is renowned for its Vinyasa style. This method of Yoga involves synchronising the breath with movement and postures, a process producing internal heat and a purifying sweat that detoxifies muscles and organs. Ashtanga Yoga is a moving meditation, resulting in improved circulation, a light and strong body, and a calm mind. 

Mysore-Style is the traditional method in which Ashtanga Yoga is learned and practiced. Students receive individualised instruction within a group setting. A series of asanas (positions) are taught in a specified order, progressing as the student is ready. With consistent, regular practice, the student can truly reap the benefits of Ashtanga yoga, bringing about the union of body and mind, one of the ultimate goals of yoga.

Classes take place in the mornings and are open to all levels of practitioner, including those completely new to yoga. Students may arrive anytime between 630 – 8 am, keeping in mind, class ends at 9 am. Brand new beginners need about 30 minutes.